BayithYahweh, the House of Yahweh,
   A True House of Yahweh Established
   by Yahshua Messiah in the Last Days

Greetings in the Great Name of our Heavenly Father Yahweh! Thousands of years ago when the Patriarchs, Prophets, Priests, Kings, Messiah, Apostles and those who were taught by them walked on this Earth, the only name they called upon to acknowledge our creator was Yahweh. They all followed one set of Laws to live by and those were the Laws of Yahweh, called the Book of the Covenant. These Laws are contained in Genesis to Deuteronomy, in the Hebrew called the Torah. They are a body of laws consisting of commandments, ordinances, statutes and judgments. This body of laws teaches peace and love to mankind and brings judgment to mankind. Yahshua Messiah is the High Priest and High King who brings salvation, by making a way into the Holy Place of Yahweh.

Today, we see a world of lawlessness, diseases, unlawful lusts and desires, coveting, trespassing, and mankind doing whatever is right in their own minds. Because mankind has not been taught the righteous Laws of Peace, nor have accepted the ONE SENT, YAHSHUA MESSIAH, we now see a world where people allow themselves to be controlled by sinful actions. It is our sincerest desire that those who visit this site will gain a deeper understanding of what our Heavenly Father Yahweh wants from his Holy People. It takes a calling from him to hear and understand His message, and then a desire to overcome sin and become Holy as He is. We must remember that Yahweh Loves us and wants us to be a part of His Family. We can obtain this only by being called, and then following His straight and narrow path and accepting his Son, who began in the flesh. Yahshua Messiah was the First House of Yahweh, built without hands, and who ratified the Covenant of Peace, through His obedience and reverence to our Father, Yahweh.

We can see our brother, Yahshua Messiah, obeyed and set a perfect example of following Yahweh's laws and thereby proved that we as flesh and blood humans can overcome sin in this flesh. Yahshua Messiah was the living Torah, part of the living House of Yahweh. We must become like him in order to enter this Melchizedek Priesthood, that He brought forth and thereby abolished the physical priesthood, accepted by men, which never brought salvation. Without Yahshua, we can never receive salvation from sin and death. Bayith (House)Yahweh, the True House of Yahweh (Yahshua Messiah) built without hands, was established according to the prophecy of Isayah 2:2,3 and Micahyah 4:1. Before you try to judge the contents of this website, we suggest you read everything thoroughly, but not just read, study it with your bible in front of you and prove it to be either right or wrong! We hope that you are up to the challenge which will change your life! We must warn you that the material enclosed is a matter of life or death! So choose life so that you may live! In this site you will find the truth concerning all matters of importance to those who are seeking truth. Truth is truth, it cannot be refuted, only denied or ignored! There are many false prophets who have gone out into this world, therefore prove all things, or you may be deceived by men! We expose such false prophets, who bring shame to the name of the most high, Yahweh, and bring dishonor to the name, House of Yahweh. It is our sincere desire to bring forth the great name of Yahweh's family, House of Yahweh, Bayith Yahweh, with all glory and with the upmost respect. This site is dedicated to Yahshua Messiah, the ONE SENT to bring salvation to mankind, and to our heavenly father, Yahweh, who judges the hearts and minds of those whom He is calling out of this world. Below is pictures from Israel, of the ancient Bayith Yahweh, a House of Yahweh, that was uncovered by archeologists, and is the only known one where the ostraca, with Bayith YHWH, was inscribed that points to what is called the Temple of Yahweh.

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